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Wishbringer produces hand-made, custom and one-of-a-kind guitars in several categories.  My policy is to put the same level of quality into any instrument, regardless of price. 

You can buy an off-the-shelf instrument and have a guitar like everyone else.  Or for the same money (or a little more if you want fancy) you can buy a hand-made guitar that will be a collector's item and conversation piece-- and will produce sound that will amaze your family and friends.

Following is information about the types of guitars I build and sell.



A "CBG" is a "Cigar Box Guitar".  These are usually made from actual cigar boxes, which are wood and produce wonderful sound.  The necks are made of oak, hickory or other hard woods, which provides a long instrument life and exceptional sound and sustain.  Most of my guitars feature the FlatCat  electric guitar pickup... a hand-made specialty "mag" pickup which provides jaw-dropping sound.  (You can read about the FlatCat elsewhere on this site.) 

CBGs are real musical instruments, are surprisingly easy to play, and produce sound that never fails to amaze those who hear one for the first time.  Check the videos here to see examples of CBG performances.

Along with CBGs I make folk guitars out of other interesting materials:  drums, license plates, tins, and whatever strikes my fancy.


What's special about a CBG?  See the article "How to Play a CBG" on this site to see the unique properties of this fascinating instrument.



You can see the WISHBRINGER PHOTOS section to see some of my hand-made, custom-ordered electric guitars.   These guitars are either hand-built from the ground up, or are modifications of guitars when customers want Wishbringer's special touch added to an existing guitar.  The results are unique instruments that catch attention-- and sound significantly better than their original form.

The "Rebel" guitar started out with a Fender Telecaster.  Custom pickguard and paint job.  Replaced the controls with a 4-volume + tone control bank that provides volume blend on each pickup individually.  Added a Bigsby-style tremolo bar, a custom hand-made FlatCat pickup, a souped-up Telecaster single pickup at the neck (more power!), and a rather awesome name tag.  Customer loves it.


Whatever instrument you purchase from Wishbringer, I strive to put my best into it... just as if I were building my own guitar.  Take a look at the photos section and see what can be done to provide you a unique, enjoyable instrument that you'll be proud to play.

Best wishes from Wishbringer!










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