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How to Play a Cigar Box Guitar.  Quick tutorial showing how easy it is to start playing this instrument.

How to Tune a Cigar Box Guitar.  It's easy once you know the tricks.  You don't even need a digital tuner if you're just playing by yourself.

Choosing Your Strings.  What strings are best for your guitar?  This guide provides a foundation for choosing the strings that are right for you.

Building a Box Guitar. A special section for customers of our FlatCat™ pickups.

250k or 500k Pots-- Which Should I Use?    One of the most frequently questions asked-- and a simple answer to that question.

FlatCat Surface-Mounted Guitar Pickups   Learn about this unique, tone-rich pickup that's only 1/4" thick!

Pickup Power-- The Ohm Misconception    K Ohm ratings are an industry simplified, inaccurate method of portraying guitar pickup power.  Learn more about this common misconception in this blog.

Step-By-Step Hum Test. A quick set of steps for tracking down the basic source of unwanted hum.

Tracking Down Hum.  pt 1. Locating and fixing that annoying amplifier hum.

Tracking Down Hum pt 2.  Where is that  hum still coming from?  This article can help you locate and eliminate the problem.

Phase & Polarity    Hum on your electric or CBG?   Weak pickup sound?  If you're using more than one pickup, reversing position or wires may solve the problem. Check these phase and polarity installation guidelines.

Wishbringer Instrument Archive   Photo examples of instruments currently being enjoyed by very satisfied customers.

Customer Photos    Photographs from customers of the FlatCat-based guitars.

Contact Wishbringer Music.  Give me a shout if you need some help or advice.



An Alternative to Volume & Tone Knobs

Soldering Technique for your Guitar


Callanta Plays a Wishbringer CBG
Added by Wishbringer
Posted on November 1st 20
Dual FlatCats on Custom Wishbringer CBG
Added by Wishbringer
Posted on December 5th 19
Brooks with FlatCat
Added by Wishbringer
Posted on April 26th 19
Quintin Plays a Wishbringer CBG
Added by Wishbringer
Posted on October 28th 15

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