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"Battle Axe" 4-string FlatCat-based guitar by Lucas Melton

CBG-model pickup. Customer appraisal:  "Excellent pickup. Sounds awesome!!!"   I take it he plays this guitar very carefully.  : )


FlatCat on a "Gretch 1883" guitanjo by Lee M.

Notice the common-sense installation methods in the photo below.  The FlatCat wires were run through the guitanjo head and over to the control pots, which are installed in the upper top side of the instrument.  The outer drum tuners are grounded (good choice) as are the strings.  The wires running to the extended, through-body jack are wrapped around the central metal support to reduce RF/EM interference, significantly cutting potential hum and noise. 


FlatCat on a Traveler Bass-- a guitar that has hardly any room to add a pickup.  Customer reports: "This pickup worked very nicely for me on my traveler bass. Solved the problem where the old piezo pickup was too quiet and wouldn't work with my Rocksmith guitar game. Looks nice as well!" - Greg


On a 60s Gretch Clipper archtop.  Beautiful instrument, and the FlatCat fits in perfectly.



Customer Comment:  Worked out great. This is an original 60s Gretsch Clipper. The problem with all of these guitars is that the pickup is too high - leaving even the smallest amount of clearance between the top of the pickup and the strings makes the action too high to be easily playable. They were like this from the factory. Your pickup fixes a problem that's been there for sixty years. The guitar did not play this good the day it left the factory.  -- Matthew S.


FlatCat Bass Assist on a Gibson by Phillip Krzankowski

Phillip used a CBG FlatCat to emphasize the lower three strings on his Gibson guitar by offsetting the smaller-than-normal pickup to one side.  He reports being very pleased with the results.


FlatCat-based Shovel Git by Rockets Instruments

This dandy guitar uses a Molten Iron FlatCat and cranks out some amazing sound. 


FlatCat on Jim Hillis CBG

The Molten Silver color goes well with the palm rest.  Beautiful job.  Cigar boxes can be difficult to come by in some areas; Jim uses a cake pan for the back of his guitars.


Brooks Williams with his FlatCat-based resonator.  Brooks is a professional performer with decades of music history.  He upgraded his prized dobro to the FlatCat and has used it as well as a FlatCat-based CBG in numerous performances.

Here is a video from this fine performer, using a FlatCat-based CBG:


Another on his resonator.  Suggest starting at 13 minutes:



4-string CBG by Kevin.  - Old canning Ball Jar opener for the tailpiece (handy bottle opener at the end!), drawer handle for the bridge, walnut neck, skeleton Key nut.



Nicolas Savaria Vintage Kalamazoo Archtop installation



Shovel-based guitar by Ken C.


John Sime's FlatCat-based Michale Messer Blues Resonator


FlatCat Altoid Pickups on shovel guitars by Jeffrey

These antique collectors-item tins were supplied by the customer and turned into guitar pickups.  Customer review:  "This pickup is perfect for my slide shovel guitar, fit like a glove n extremely clear n loud, lowest setting on my Peavey Amp will wake the dead."

Shown:  Standard 3-string and bass 3-string


Vintage 1960 National Guitar with FlatCat by Mike


Mark T. Custom Electric composite photo.   This guitar body was made from poplar (a softer hardwood that is relatively easy to work but offers excellent resonance).  Customer reports superb sound with the FlatCat pickup.


Digital "Breadboard" Project guitar by Shanedrix



Dan T. Shovel Guitar "Flat Cat"



Archtop bridge mount by G. Wosto



Phil's Nanobass guitar:



David Ferbrache's dual-pickup acoustic. Dave comments:

"Super cool. Fits perfect. Sounds great. Thanks again!"


I'd like to thank these customers for taking the time to photograph their finished instruments so we could all see the results.  Fine looking work.  There's just nothing like personal creativity to enhance an instrument... or make something totally new!





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