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I build and sell "cigar box guitars"-- or as I prefer to call them: "box guitars"... because they can be made out of just about anything. I've built guitars out of cigar boxes, cardboard boxes, license plates and even Altoids Mint tins. I've seen them built from silverware boxes, wine boxes and more. They have all sounded great. The trick is: it's not so much what they're made from, as how they're made.

I enjoy helping people learn how to build their own instruments. If you're going to build it yourself it's good to know the pitfalls ahead of time. If someone can't build one (for whatever reason) or doesn't have the time or tools, that's where my store comes in. Either way, the idea is to get music in the hands of the people.

In addition to instruments I also offer the popular FlatCat guitar pickup as well as other accessories. People buy these to put on guitars they have built themselves. Some are experienced builders, some are just getting started.

For customers who purchase the FlatCat I offer a full set of instructions on how to build a box guitar. Simply request the instructions at the time of ordering the pickup and I'll send you the instruction set free of charge. This is my way of helping you get started and building your first guitar successfully. These are the same instructions I use when building my own guitars, including all the hints, tips and tricks for building the best instrument possible.



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