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Welcome to Wishbringer Hand-Crafted Music

These creations are authentic folk instruments, all of them made by hand in Missouri, USA. 

My main line of products are:

* Cigar Box Guitars (CBGs) made out of well, cigar boxes and wood.  They have surprisingly rich sound, especially when played through a guitar amplifier.

* Custom Electric Guitars.  These are customized, hand-built instruments for customers who want something special.

* FlatCat™ guitar pickups for both electric guitars and CBGs.   These flat pickups combine the power and tone of a humbucker and P-90 combined (in short:  they sound awesome).  The entire pickup averages about 1/4" thickness and sits on the surface of the guitar-- where it picks up every nuance of tone from the strings.  Although not microphonic in design, FlatCats also respond to vibrations from the strings through the body, providing a very authentic reproduction of the natural guitar sound.  This makes them ideal for CBG use, and incredibly responsive pickups for standard electric guitars.  The FlatCat is totally hand-made, from start to finish, with a very reasonable price for a hand-wound pickup or set.  They are regularly ordered by customers for their full-size 6-string electrics.

* Wishbringer Flutes.  These wonderfully-resonant six-hole flutes are a result of months of experimenting to get the perfect sound and tonation.  These flutes are digitally-checked for note quality and are easy-to-play... as well as being visibly beautiful.

* Wishbringer Amplifiers.  These unique, hand-made amps are designed to provide surprisingly  vibrant sound in a small package.  Made from a variety of wood boxes, beer kegs, silverware cabinets and other materials... these amps will amaze you with their quality of sound and volume.  These are primarily personal / recording amps, but can be miked or lined for stage performance.

My inventory changes regularly as instruments are purchased and replaced with new, usually one-of-a-kind offerings.  Check the store often to see what is currently available.



Following are a few videos on YouTube that demonstrate Wishbringer products.  They're informative as well as showing a few musical rifts and sounds to entertain and please. 

My YouTube Channel


-- Wishbringer Hand-Crafted Music


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